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Energy Harvesting

Under the headline “Energy Harvesting” systems are investigated at the chair of Mechatronic and Machine dynamics converging energy from ambient vibrations to electric energy. Classical example is a cantilever piezo-beam with base excitation. Nonlinearities are introduced by intention by adding magnets in order to get larger energy outputs.

Scientific objectives related to Energy harvesting are e.g. the modeling and solutions methods for the resulting system equations. Energy harvesting is also an example for nonlinear stochastic vibrations, e.g. solutions of Fokker-Planck equations.

Some publications:

Martens, W.; von Wagner, U.; Litak, G.: Stationary response of nonlinear magneto-piezoelectric energy harvester systems under stochastic excitation. European Physical Journal – Special Topics 222(7), 1665 – 1673, 2013.

Lentz, L.; Nguyen, H. T.; von Wagner, U.: Energy Harvesting from Bistable Systems under Random Excitation. Machine Dynamics Research Vol. 41 (1), 5-16, 2017.

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